Norwood Hills Country Club Green Practices

Norwood Hills Country Club is a Strong Advocate
in Protecting the Environment

We practice the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In November 2013, Norwood Hills Teamed up with Brightergy and installed state of the art solar panels to the roof above the Ballroom as well as the Cart Barn. These panels have been up and running for a while now and you can track them from home!
Click here to view our Solar Panel's Productivity!

The following are practices currently in use at Norwood and have been since 2009.

Pro Shop, Cart Barn & Bag Room

 All light bulbs have been changed from 160 watts to energy saving bulbs of 108 watts in the Pro Shop.

2. All paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and glass of any color is recycled. 

3. 25,000 kilowatt Solar Panels have been installed (2013).

4. All golf carts are re-charged after 11:00pm, non-peak hours, to save electricity.

5. All light bulbs were changed from 192 watts to energy saving bulbs of 88 watts in the Bag Room.

     6. Solar panels installed (2013). Click here to view our Solar Panel's Productivity! 


1. All recyclable waste allowed by our waste hauler is recycled.

2. All hazardous waste is trapped, enclosed, and disposed of by an EPA registered waste hauler.

3. Used oil is sold to a waste oil recycler.

4. All grass and leaf refuse is composted on site.

5. We have six (6) individuals on staff who are certified pesticide applicators and are licensed.

6. We comply with the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s laws and initiatives for applying, storing, and dispersing of pesticides and pesticide equipment.

7. Practice (IPM) integrated pest management, monitoring pests levels and only treating when necessary.

8. There is no greater steward of the grounds and golf courses and the safe and effective protection of them than the Norwood Hills Maintenance Department.

9. 95% of all water usage of Norwood Hills goes back into the environment.

10. The West Shack features recycled glass panels.

   11. The West Shack features commodes that are water conscious.


1. 25,000 kilowatt Solar Panels installed (2013). Click here to view our Solar Panel's Productivity!
2. All cardboard, plastic, aluminum, paper, and glass of all colors is recycled.

3. All vegetable materials are composted to reduce trash in land fills.

4. No Styrofoam is used in the kitchen by employees. They utilize glass ware.

5. Our employee break room utilizes only recyclable food ware products.

6. 74% of our “carry out” dishware is recyclable.

7. Our floor cleaner is environmentally safe.

8. We ask that delivery boxes be recyclable cardboard.

9. All food is slacked out (defrosted) under refrigeration to conserve water.

10.  We use storage boxes made from recycled cardboard.

11.  Only essential gas cooking equipment is turned on in the kitchen before 10:00am.

12.  Lights are turned off in rooms not in use.

13.  New Ballroom lighting was reduced from 120 watts to energy saving 90 watts.

14.  All office personnel shred and recycle used paper and documents.

15.  The heavily endangered Chilean Sea Bass is not used at Norwood, nor is Monkfish and East Coast Halibut, also heavily endangered. Endangered fish, as a rule, are not served at Norwood.

16.  All of Norwood’s fresh tuna is line caught, not net caught.

17.  Scallops are purchased only where sustainable fishing practices are used (netted, not dredged).

18.  All trout, catfish, and tilapia are purchased fresh from sustainable farms.

19.  All shrimp are from the Gulf of Mexico, all white, wild caught in the USA only. No foreign product is purchased.

20.  All trans fats have been eliminated from the culinary areas of the club.

21.  Fryer oil is recycled into biodiesel fuel.

22.  We purchase as much local produce as possible.

23.  Significant employee training is done to ensure green efforts are maximized.

24.  We shut down all the computers at the end of the night to conserve energy.

25.  We grow many of our own herbs in our herb garden.

26.  We check the seals on the walk-in coolers regularly to insure we are not wasting energy.

27.  Recyclable Styrofoam cups are used throughout the clubhouse.

28.  Easy to spot blue recycle bins are located all around the campus.

29. The pool features reusable cups to replace Styrofoam cups and plates created from leaves, Leafware.