Norwood Hills Country Club Dress Code

Shirts and Shoes must be worn at all times, except for the
Swimming Pool Area.


Acceptable attire for ladies on the Golf Courses: skirts, dresses, shorts, skorts, culottes, slacks and capris. All skirts, dresses, shorts and skorts must measure no more than 4 inches above the knee. Shirts must have EITHER a collar or sleeves.

Acceptable attire for men on the Golf Courses: Slacks, shorts, collared shirts. All shorts must measure no more than 4 inches above the knee. All shirts must be tucked in. Hats must be worn bill forward.

Soft Spike Golf Shoes are required on both golf courses.

Unacceptable attire: blue jeans, sweatpants, cut-off shorts, cut-off collared shirts, short shorts/skirts, gym shorts, medical scrubs, tube tops, tank tops, halter tops, and swimming apparel.


Appropriate swimwear is required to enter the swimming pool. Cover-ups/shirts must be worn on the way to and from the Pool Area.
Unacceptable attire: Cut-off shorts, running shorts, blue jeans. Blue jeans may be worn to and from the pool, but not IN the pool.


Appropriate regulation tennis attire and TENNIS shoes. A shirt and shoes are required at all times.
Unacceptable Attire: street shoes, running shoes, blue jeans, cut-off shorts or swim suits.


The Fairway Grille & Lounge: “Country Club Casual”, golf and tennis attire is appropriate at all times. Hats are permitted in the Lounge, but must be removed in the Grille. Collared shirts are required for gentlemen and boys age 16 and older, and comparable attire is required for ladies. Blue Jeans are permitted, but may not have holes or tears; nor may they be frayed or ragged. Blue Jeans must be worn at the waist.

Norwood Room (Formal Dining): “Country Club Casual” is acceptable attire – slacks, collared shirts, golf shirts. Jackets and ties are not required. Unacceptable Attire: hats, blue jeans and shorts.

Holiday Parties/Special Events: There will be specific dress code requirement for events. These requirements will be noted on the flyer/newsletter announcing the event.

Fitness Center: Fitness attire is appropriate ONLY in the Fitness Center, Locker Rooms and travel to and from.

Norwood Members ~ you are responsible for the attire and behavior of your family and guests.
Please ensure that they are familiar with our rules and policies to avoid any embarrassing situations.  Thank You!

Norwood Guests ~ we ask that you are respectful of our policies and dress appropriately
for the area you will be enjoying with us.  Thank you!